Free and open talks at Vesper College, various subjects.

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Free and open talks at Vesper College, various subjects.

Postby Booka » Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:25 pm

A few weeks ago I had seen a Craigslist posting for a open discussion night at a local Graduate College, I had missed that session but opened a dialog with the head of college. (it is a small college, but just calling him the instructor does not do justice)

I ended up going down last night to discuss Metals from a number of focus points, ending up with a brief tutorial on Brazing VS Welding. The discussion was about mostly the metals found in living organisms and what and why they were there, and worked into how this intertwining is evolving and where it may go.
I enjoyed the discussion and demonstration as well as the chance to talk with others who have a different approach to Metal, Stone, Wood and how they work together.

I am told there will be some future discussions that may be similar, and I have plans to keep an eye out for them, and will post the relevant ones here for our group.

I also made sure that they knew a bit about our group, and our space. I invited them to check us out during the open meeting on Wednesdays, or to contact me for a alternative tour.

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