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Postby metis » Wed May 23, 2012 10:01 am

so as many/some of you know i grow heirloom tomatoes. this means that i tend to start a lot more seeds than i'll need in order to ensure germination, and deal with transplant loss while moving the lil plants about.

i've got my usual *lot* of extra plants, and they're at the very eager for planting stage. a buck or two or a beer per plant would be appreciated, but you don't have to.

i'm planning on bringing some to the shop this evening, so if you'd like a few it's easy to bring a few more. shoot me an email with the specific varieties you're interested in and i'll bring em if i've got em. (the commercial domain google runs for mail has a handle "metisdesigns" that'll reach me)

here's the varieties i started this year, some i'm out of, some i've buckets of.

Abi's Blush (blush yellow peach that i'm stabilizing a variety of.)
Yellow pear (pear shaped cherry)
Sweet pea currant (currant sized red)
Caspian pink
Cherokee purple
Green zebra
Paul robeson
White tomesol
Black krim

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