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Example Funding Model

Postby pyrodogg » Thu May 28, 2009 9:44 pm

Inspired by the discussions at the meeting on Wednesday I created a simple(ish) model of possible funding etc.

Here is the spreadsheet http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=rTJKPBuZNCr_frIhl2Hj3UQ.

!!Please do not edit below the indicated line!! Any "adjustable" settings are located at the top. If you have an interesting idea or compelling reason to edit below the line, post it in this thread.


This model works of the idea of preliminary dues which lead to some prorated period were members who paid preliminary dues have half of their contribution paid toward the full dues. Then completely full dues kicks in It also assumes renting a "clubhouse" sort of location, and then a shop when funds are available.

Memberbase Controls

I have defined a starting member base, two ranges of member growth, an adjustable threshold between the two ranges, and stable membership cap. The two ranges allow for modeling of growth before we "pull the trigger" and after. e.g. Lower numbers up front, larger when people actually see what we can do. T

The growth rates specify the number of members added per month during each range. Once the membership cap is reached no more members are added. The threshold specifies when the dues switch from preliminary to pro-rated/full.

Money Controls

The preliminary dues and full dues are adjustable. It is assumed that half of the preliminary dues contributions from members will be deducted from the full dues period after the membership threshold is reached.

The lease for both the clubhouse and shop are adjustable, so is the multiplier which specifies how many times the lease amount must be saved before we can assume the lease. e.g. lease = $1000/mo. multiplier= 3 then $3000 must be banked before we assume the lease.

The model does not currently account for other sources of income (pledges, etc.) since they aren't predictable.


The model generates a rough month-to-month account of membership size, dues generated, expenses, banked monies, and what facility we can afford. It will tell you the number of months in the preliminary dues period, the period before we hit the membership threshold. It will also tell you how many months until the clubhouse and shop are each attained

Run yer numbers and report what you find. Enjoy!

PS There are some shortcomings, I thought it was an interesting first step though

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Re: Example Funding Model

Postby Theo » Thu May 28, 2009 9:57 pm


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