Directly related to location

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Directly related to location

Postby mesach » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:18 am

For me the membership dues that I would be willing to pay would be directly related to the location, if its not convenient for me to get to, then I would be throwing my money away each month, just like an out of the way gym membership.

However this is more fun than a gym membership

if convenient, i could see myself paying upwards of $50-75/month, and i'm a very casual tinkerer who loves to learn something new

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Re: Directly related to location

Postby metis » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:58 am

how do you (each of you) approach projects? and how do we want to get folks there, adn when?

we'll certainly see higher use evenigns and weekends, but starving artists and students will hit weekdays.

do you tend to sit down at a bench and work for 4 hours/a weekend until the thign is done, or do you work for an hour after work a few nights a week?

we'll need some sort of personal project storage space, (which could be a funding source, i.e. you get a 3'x3' sheet of 3/4" ply that will slide into a rack that makes 18" shelves so you can store your project in down time and not eat bench space, but if you want 2 rack spaces, you'll pay a bigger monthly fee for it. or even more for a 4x4 square of painted off floor space) but if you're a casual project person, would you travel 10 minutes to spend 15 min setting up and tearing down to work for 90 minutes, or would you work at home? I think more of the use of the space will be for "session" makers/projects where you go there to do a thing until it's done (or in a few big sessions) rather than incrementally.

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