blog nettiquete re: other folks projects, real names

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blog nettiquete re: other folks projects, real names

Postby Orkraider » Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:14 pm

I took some pictures of my stuff, and other peoples stuff, while I was at the space today.

I wrote up a blog post talking about some of the fun stuff that was going on.

Upon reflection, I realized two things:

1. Unlike other times, I didn't make it obvious I was taking pictures of peoples projects.

2. I don't know forum names for a lot of these folks, just their real first names.

I saved it as a draft, rather than publishing, as I want to know, should I ask their permission before posting pics of someone elses projects, and ditto regarding using their real first names in a blog post?

If anyone can look at the draft, it's saved as "just another manic sunday"

any guidance is welcome, thanks!

Riley Harrison

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Re: blog nettiquete re: other folks projects, real names

Postby metis » Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:14 am

a few bits:

-fyi: real first names and handles (where folks have them) are on the members picture wall. not even half of folks are up there yet because i still need to sort out handles for some folk, and if they want email and/or phone numbers listed there (remember it's only physically in the space, not anywhere else) (if you know i've taken a pic of you and you're not up there yet, tell me what you want, and if i haven't taken a pic you can send me one with what you want (handle, name and email/phone or not)

-personally, if it's in the space, my first thought is it's fine to use their handles, and pics of stuff. i wouldn't use real names (as you'll note i try to avoid them on the forums) because some folks try to keep themselves "offline" via handles.

-i can see how someone working on a gift might be upset, but then really, unless they're telling the recipient they're working on it at the shop, it prolly won't spoil a surprise unless it says "timmy's banjo" on it and their kid who reads our blog is named timmy.

-given that most things aren't covered up that are left out for the public to see and take pictures of on open wednedsays i find a hard argument against pictures.

-given that it's my recollection that the board, and membership has given blessing to getting webcams up that stream the space it seems like a hard argument to not post handles as well.

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Re: blog nettiquete re: other folks projects, real names

Postby heuermh » Mon Feb 07, 2011 3:05 pm

Yeah handles only on the internets please, as far as I'm concerned.

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