Open Hack Wednesday and News

May 2nd, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

Pictures from last weeks Open Hack Night.

Every Wednesday from 7 to 10pm open to the public. Bring your project, work on it, or bring your ears and voice and talk about whatever. If you have never been to the Hack Factory, or are curious, this is a great opportunity to get to know the place, and the people.

In other news TC Maker membership has crossed the 60 Thank you TCMaker Members.

The Global Hackerspace Challenge is wrapping up, and a post about that is in the works. Our hackerspace worked on putting together a 10x breadboad with 10x components, it’s quite impressive.

Handmade Music Minneapolis #6 went well there are pictures from the event on the Handmade Music Minneapolis Blog.

Videoman put on an info session on brewing, this last weekend and that went well also.

Our Treasurer rolled out a new system that members should have seen.

May 3rd There is an open locksport event at The Hack Factory.

Handmade Music Minneapolis #7 is scheduled for late May more details on that next week.


Wednesday Roundup

April 20th, 2011 by otto_pjm

Added some shots of the evening to the Flicker pool, including two of the rainbow I saw driving over, tried to get shot of it over the HackFactory, but it had clouded up by the time I got there.

Rainbow over Franklin Ave

Rainbow over Franklin Ave, enroute to the HF

More pictures here.

Or see the link on the right hand side.

Activities included thermoforming, playing with fire, talking and casting RTV, which I have no shots of. I also added the latest shots of some 10x components.


Pi Day 3/14/11, 7 PM

March 13th, 2011 by Paul Sobczak


Pi day at the factory 3.14.11

Help celebrate this last year in pi, one where we learned that two quadrillionth “bit”  of pi is 0.

More on the forum.

Hack Factory Open Hack 3.10.11

A few pictures from 3/10/11’s open hack are up on TC Maker’s Flickr as well.

3/2/2011 Open Hack Night

March 3rd, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

More Pictures at TC Maker’s Flicker Group

2/23/11 Open Hack

February 24th, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

“Wednesday nights at the hack factory are more fun than drinking cod liver oil”

@ the Hack Factory

Open Hack Night 2/16/11

February 17th, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

Some shots from the ongoing Wednesday Open Hack Nights that happen ever so often at the Hack Factory. I got the chance to test out my new toy a Cannon’s s95. There was as always lots of neat stuff going on, The unveiling of  the TCMaker Bat Signal, and the long neglected Hack Factory Sign started to get some color, a new member showed off his lock picks and was given his complimentary plastic coordinated box, plus other stuffs. A few new people checked the place out, it was pretty fun.

On another note there are lots of awesome things going on in the way of classes and talks at the Factory

Woodworking class starting May 21, 2011.
First third Friday electronics night
Intro To Arduino (full)
Roundabout Dog Challengee ending on February 23rd
HandMade Music: Minneapolis 5 on April 20th.
Twin Cities Science Fair (not at the Factory) on February 25th

check the last week or so of blog posts for all the stuff update, you can also check out our somewhat neglected calendar. Plus there are a few class ideas brewing over on the forums.

Wednesday Open Hack Night

February 8th, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

Pictures from Last week’s Wednesday Open House Hack, that happens every week. Lots of stuff going on as usual.

For those of you thinking about coming down and checking out the hack factory you are more than welcome. A good way to go about it is to wander around and ask people what they are up to, we are a friendly bunch. It’s also recommended to bring a laptop along if you want to stay a bit longer, we got the wifi thing happening. People start showing up around 6~6:30 open house starts at 7:00pm, and people start filtering out around 9~11pm. Bring cool projects to show off if you are, indeed working on something or things!

This week we are also trying to do a showing of Make:Live. This is set to happens at 8:00pm

Update: Jwb can’t make it, so if someone is willing to set this up go for it.

Lots of shots of the happenings from February 2nd. There are some pictures of my (Paul) failed attempt at filling a tape cast full of foam to be entered into our Roundabout dog contest.

Also Videoman took a video of the shop showing what it looks like on a Wednesday @ the Hack Factory in the middle of winter in Minneapolis.

Jan. 26th Wednesday Roundup

January 27th, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

A few shots from Jan. 26th’s open meeting at the Hack Factory, lots of interesting things going on, a few things of note.

Two bows (the bow and arrow type) were being built, a successful foray into C turned some addressable Led lights into an array that spoke of “Hey Jude”, a new permutation of the arduino The Arduino Stripper saw the light of day and half a dozen or so were sold for 10 bucks a piece. The makerbot got introduced to Hunter S. Thompson’s double thumb.

The Hack Fac got introduced to Make’s new streaming show, Make: Live. Wayne started to try un-hacking the garage remote control that stopped working after the first attempt. Mike had his gloves on cleaning the gears of a piece of our equipment that has seen better days. Paul lost to Mat several times at Go.

It was a great night, a lot of other stuff was happening that I didn’t get a chance to take photos of. It was great seeing everyone. See you guys at this weekend’s Handmade Music: Minneapolis Hmmm4

Short video of a work in progress at the Hack Factory. These LED are addressable.

The message kind of says “Hello Jude!”

Wednesday Night Roundup – Montage

December 22nd, 2010 by otto_pjm

No people, no comments just a snapshot of the evenings stuff.

Wednesday Night Roundup

December 17th, 2010 by otto_pjm

In an effort to capture an overview of the projects going on at the Hack Factory and introduce some of the TC Makers who have had less online exposure due to being more stuff than bits people here is the first of a likely irregular series of the Wednesday Night Roundup.

In no particular order here are some of the people and projects happening on Wednesday December 15th. ( I took lots of pictures, most were bad, and a fair portion completely unusable hopefully things will go better next time, similarly I’m easily distracted and the HF is known for having not only lots of shinny objects, but also squirrels, so my understanding of the details, or even the general idea of the projects maybe incorrect )

In the Classroom / Lounge area:

Steve was starting on
an Arduino project
using input from a pneumatic ,
or perhaps hydraulic sensor.
Jim was also
working on an
Arduino project,
he had mouse positional
information controlling
a servo with some high
tech coat hanger
apparatuses attached
to it.

The goal as I understand it
is to use visual feedback
to allow the servo to balance
the contraption.
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