The Soap Factory – The Haunted Basement, Call For Submissions

April 20th, 2010 by videoman

For all your makers out there – The Soap Factory is having a Call For Submissions for it’s Haunted Basement! Submissions are due by April 30th, 2010.

“Considered one of the premier haunted projects in the Midwest, The Soap
Factory’s infamously creepy and legitimately haunted basement is a perfect
canvas for creating immersive terror environments. In an effort to ensure
that The Haunted Basement stays fresh and unpredictable for its visitors, we
are soliciting applications from local artists and designers to become a
part of our team for the 2010 season.”
Hack Factory


Welding Class #2 Ready

April 7th, 2010 by videoman

We have welding class #2 ready for people to take! Register at
Class dates are Saturday May 15th, and May 22nd from 10am-1pm.

Register early as space is limited.

Lock Sport Class

April 4th, 2010 by videoman

In a Howard Cosell announcer voice… “Hello and welcome to the wide world of locksport. Where you get to pick your way through some very fun and exciting 3-dimensional puzzles tonight. Over at the first round of locks Mike, who has created his very own set of tools to work through some of these very complex puzzles. We also have Dan K., who is a world record breaking, renowned athlete in the competition of lock sport. Recently wile attending Toorcon, Dan K. was able to successfully escape from the federally, and is the fastest lock sport participant in the northern hemisphere.”

So what does all this mean? It means if you want to learn about locksport, register for the class. Class is $25, Registration though Eventbrite is required, but you can pay at class, or on Wednesday night if need be.

Other good resources to check out:
The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers – NL
The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers – US
Devient Ollam with some great slides and movies!
Lock Pick Shop
Gringo Warrior Contest, a Defcon and Hackers con favorite.
Defcon Hacking Conference

Tim Kasier Video/Audio and Ugly Necklace

February 27th, 2010 by videoman

Tim Kasier’s video and audio performance from the Minne-Faire has been uploaded:

Tim Kasier’s Performance at the Hack Factory. from David Bryan.

One of the members, Paul, who runs Canada Goose Records also recorded the show and has released it on his little lable, there will be a short physical release of 10 copies watch Tim Kasier’s website for more information on that.

Kristin Boehm finished putting the final touches on the ugly necklace that people at the Minne-Faire helped imagine. It will be submitted to the 2010 Land of Odds Ugly Necklace Contest. Kristin, if you missed her at the Faire is  a local umbrella guerrilla knitter and maker of felts.

Classes and Website Updates

February 22nd, 2010 by videoman

Just wanted to post some info on some of the changes that we have made to the main site.  We have a place for upcoming classes, a calendar for events at the space, and a place to track donations for things that we need at the Hack Factory.

FYI: The Welding class is now full.  Please add your name to the waiting list for next time.  Thanks!

You too could make a cool metal sculpture.

If you want to participate in any of the classes please feel free to register as they become available. We also need folks to teach classes. For more info, to suggest a class, or to teach a class please email

As always, this is a space for you, and if you want to see it thrive we need your support. Membership, or a onetime donation will help to keep the TC Maker/Hack Factory going. This space is huge, and we all want to get some nice wood/metal working tools in place.  We also want to setup a electronics labs, and sewing areas too.   The only way for us to afford some of these nice things is to get our membership numbers up, and get people donating things!  So please check out our links on the top bar.

Maker Minne-Faire Update! Feb. 13, 2010@Hack Factory

February 12th, 2010 by videoman

Just a reminder, and in case you didn’t know about it, we’re doing a Maker Minne-Faire at the Hack Factory on February 13th, 2010 from 2 PM – 11 PM.

We have a really good line up of makers and will have a music performance by Tim Kaiser starting after 8pm. Tim does some really cool ambient music and makes all of his instruments. Another published and active maker, William Gurstelle is going to be demoing some of the projects that he has created for Make: Magazine.

This event is free for all and kids are welcome! We will however be accepting donations and memberships to help our cause.

TC Maker is a not for profit with non-profit (5013c) paper work underway. Our goal is to provide services for local makers, and enrich both the community and people by proving a space for people to play, make, and share ideas.

There will also be upcoming classes for things like Arduino, welding (MIG/GMAW), wood working, etc.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Here is a video from a visit to Tim Kaiser’s workshop up in Duluth via Make: TV; William Gurstelle is part of the Make: TV crew.

-David (Aka, VideoMan)

TC Maker and Hack Factory Clean Up day!

February 7th, 2010 by videoman

In prep for the Minne-Maker Faire, we did some much needed cleanup and arrangement of the stuff inside the Hack Factory.  It looks great!!  Much thanks to those who came down and volunteered time to help out!  The space is functional for our Minnie-Maker Faire on Febuary 13th.

Please check it out –

Minne-Faire: Feb 13th, 2-11 PM at the Hack Factory

January 18th, 2010 by videoman

Twin Cities Maker is going to have a Mini Maker Faire at the Hack Factory on February 13th, 2010! Come one, come all! We’re planning to have the fun start at 2 PM with local makers exhibiting and playing in the newly acquired space. We will also have an Art Show and Party later that night for people to come and experience the space and have some refreshments.

We are looking for you to join us and we are also looking for people to exhibit! If you’re interested, please contact us at so we can reserve a spot for you! Also come to our regular Wednesday night meetings if you would like to help us out or get some ideas for your table.


There will be raffles throughout the day for maker stuff. Light refreshments will be provided at the art show and party.

Makers for the day include:

  • Tim Kaiser – Hands-on music, plus a performance
  • Joseph Rand – DIY Wind turbine
  • Ed Vogel – Displaying of super cool electric cigar box guitars
  • Stefan – Showing off some amazing air cannons
  • Replica Prop Forum – Replica movie props
  • Adam Wolf – Display and playing with Arduinos
  • TC Maker sign-up table – Join and become part of the TC Maker community
  • TC Maker’s tables to show off your stuff!
  • Pat Arneson – Noise toys
  • Tripoli Minnesota Rocketry Club
  • Meg Koslowski and Andy Rennert – Art cars on display! Transform the thing you drive into something that is a work of Art!
  • Nick and Jim of TC Maker – Presenting a life size “Operation” game complete with red nose!
  • CazTek – Featuring flame throwers and pulse jets and other fun engineering feats!

Please join us to support the Hack Factory and local makers by becoming a member or making a donation.

Hack Factory
3119 E 26th St Minneapolis, MN 55406

Mini Maker Faire 2-6 PM
Art Show & Party 7-11 PM

Refreshments are being provided courtesy of CazTek Engineering , a local design and engineering firm.

Click one of the images below to get a full page PDF copy of a promotional flyer.

Tim Kaiser    ?    Hands-on music, plus a performance
Joseph Rand    ?    DIY Wind turbine

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