Pow, Pow, Power Wheels Racing Series!

September 20th, 2011 by videoman

Power Racing Series 13.jpg

The power wheels racing series has created a Kickstarter project to help fund next years efforts! This was really a great opportunity for a few of the makers in our space to come togher at the 11th hour to create a car! I would love to see stronger and larger team from the Hack Factory next year!

To help support the project, go to the Kickstarter project page.


Digi-Key sent us One-Day passes to Maker Faire Detroit & SWAG!!!

July 26th, 2011 by videoman

Maker Faire
The awesome folks at Digi-Key send us a box of T-Shirts and Maker Faire Detroit one day passes to give out. So if your going and want a free pass, follow @tcmaker and @digikey on twitter and post a pic of a project that you have made. Doesn’t have to be Digikey purchased parts, but it would help. Project posts will get choice of a Digi-Key T-Shirt and Tickets.

When tweeting, include @tcmaker and @digikey in the tweet so we can track them, thanks and good luck!


-David (@_videoman_)

Maker Faire Detroit!

July 11th, 2011 by videoman

Just got an email from Maker Faire Detroit that we have been accepted, and will be exibiting at this years event! Hurray!
Maker Faire

For those who don’t know what Maker Faire is about, it’s a great time to see other people projects, and network with really awesome people! Visit their web site for more information: http://makerfaire.com/detroit/2011/

Power Wheels FTW
They are also having power wheel races this year at the Faire, and it would be super cool to see if we could come up with a car in the next 2 weeks. For more info on that event, check out http://powerracingseries.org/, and send Dave a message on twitter- @_videoman_ if you want to help.

Hack Factory Cabaret – June 22 7-9pm

June 21st, 2011 by videoman

Back from its hiatus, Hack Factory Cabaret we be held June 22nd from 7-9pm.

Life is a...

What is our Cabaret you ask? It’s a fun filled night where you get to present on any topic that you choose (EG: Nemoy Sunset Pie, Banzai growing, Air Balloons, etc) for up to five minutes. After those five minutes are up, we may kick you off the stage for the next person.

To sign up, and check out who will be presenting go to our Cabaret page.

So far we have the following topics:

  • Why Ham Radio?
  • Das RGB blinkenlights
  • OpenSource Access Control system, FTW!
  • Practicing the Fire Arts
  • Swift Linux: The Real Upgrade
  • Laser Cooling

TC Maker / Hack Factory Needs a new lease! And we need your help!

May 5th, 2011 by videoman

Dear friends of Twin Cities Maker / Hack Factory,

We need your help. In an unexpected turn of events, TC Maker has been informed that our landlord (who rents from the management company for the building) is terminating their lease on May 31st. This means that our sublet with Broadband America will terminate as well. What we are planing to do is lease directly from the building management company. This would mean that we’d go from about 4,500 square feet to about 7,800 square feet. This would give us access to the entire space to set up things like a lounge in the front office area, create a dedicated class room, and expand to have way more shop space for working on bigger projects. The TC Maker board has decided to pursue a lease with the building. This is a big gamble for us, but should have huge benefits and rewards for the community and our members.

The Board of Directors called an informal discussion at our weekly open house to solicit feedback on 5/4/2011. After discussion on costs, pros and cons of moving and other considerations, the membership in attendance, as well as the board, were unanimous in their decision to seek a lease in our current location. Unfortunately this decision had to be made quickly so we can make plans for the coming months, as 25 days to find a new space is not something that is reasonable right now.

While we don’t need everything today, we have some significant commitments to make this happen. We need to increase our membership by 25 new members (while retaining current members) through August of this year. This is a very achievable goal however we do still need some capital in order to act on this great opportunity for growth. At the meeting, one member stepped forward and generously offered us a challenge grant. If we raise $1,000 before June 3rd, that will be matched with another $1,000. While that will reinforce our security deposit, we still need to average ten members in growth each month over the next three months.

In the discussion, a number of members pledged to pay double dues for a few months to help keep us on track, but relying on the generosity of members will only get us so far. Our long-term goal is to increase our membership. We’ve been averaging a new member a week for the last few months, but we’re really going to have to step up our game in order to achieve this goal.

A number of marketing and fund-raiser ideas have been brought up, and we will pursue these to benefit the community space. Over the next week we’re going to get some formal information up on the wiki and provide some coordination tools for this, and we ask for your patience while we start this sprint. We also ask that you contribute time, skills, or capital as you are able to help to this unexpected catalyst strengthen our community.

To help us make this challenge grant you can either send money via PayPal, give us cash directly, or donate through GiveMN, but please annotate it as “Challenge” so that we can count it towards the goal. Keep an eye on the forums and on the blog for ways to volunteer, and as always, if you have input or ideas to help, please share them on the forums or via email to the board, and we’ll do what we can to help you facilitate them.

As an aside, we need approximately $1,000 – $1,200 to make up the difference for the security deposit right off the bat.

TC Maker / Hack Factory is excited for this opportunity, and we want to welcome you and your friends to become members, teach classes, or take classes.

Board of Directors, Twin Cities Maker

Email: info@tcmaker.org

Donate via GiveMN.org (tax-deductible):

Donate via GiveMN.org

Use PayPal for a one-time donations & dues payment:

Minne-Faire II, April 9th!!!

April 7th, 2011 by videoman

Just so everyone knows, the Minne-Faire is fast approaching, April 9th, 2011 from Noon-11PM – Please tell your friends!  There are going to be 17+ exibtors, music, and maybe some fun outdoor activities!  (Water rockets anyone?)

MUSIC starts at 7PM:

  • JAZARI – Crazy and super awesome machine music!
  • Tim Kaiser – Really cool custom music instruments!

Check out THIS PAGE for more info.  We will be doing clean up and general shop pickup all this week, and will need people Friday afternoon to come in a help us move our tools out of the way… Members feel free to drop by and give us a hand!

Twin Cities Maker

Ignite Minneapolis 3!

March 29th, 2011 by videoman

Ignite Minneapolis #3 is coming up on April 21st!

Our president is going to be presenting this time! If you want tickets, signup for the mailing list!



NYC Resistor and Maker Bot Cave Tour

March 7th, 2011 by videoman

I recently visited New York, NY and got a chance to hang out at the NYC Resistor Hacker space in Brooklyn. I had a great time just hanging out, playing with things, and meeting some super awesome folks! I was also able to get a tour of the MakerBot cave, and man do they have some organization going on for all of their parts and bins with parts! I also got to see some of more advanced parts that the MakerBot is able to produce, and it was awesome! Boxes, Towers, Turbine parts, etc.  The folks at MakerBot were kind enough to give me some shwag to bring back for folks at TCMaker.  If you ever out in NYC I highly recommend checking this space out, just remember to bring something to share (I brought beer from Bierkraft).

Soap Factory Haunted Basement 2011 – Call for Submissions

February 22nd, 2011 by videoman

Ever wanted to make an ultimate horror show for your friends? Well now you can, just create a submission for The Haunted Basement 2011. Submission deadline is April 1st, 2011.

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Hack Factory Tour 2011

February 3rd, 2011 by videoman

Holly cow, The Hack Factory has been open a year now, and we got tons of new people exploring the space, and lots of really cool things going on!

So we decided to make a new Tour of our space..

Hack Factory Tour 2011 from David Bryan on Vimeo.

A tour of the Hack Factory in Minneapolis.

Music by Imogen Heap.

Pecha Kucha 20×20 Presentations at BLB

January 23rd, 2011 by videoman

Get ready for the next Pecha Kucha #6, and this one is perfect for all us Makers, as the topic is “Handmade”.  I suggest any and all folks submit a talk, I would love to see other folks from the Hack Factory presenting!  It’s about 6 minutes, or 20 slides advanced every 20 seconds.


January Welding Class

January 22nd, 2011 by videoman

Hey folks, we have a January Welding Class up!

Pre-registration is required!

Tis the Season to Give! Tuesday May Get Us an Extra $1,000!

November 15th, 2010 by videoman

As you know, Twin Cities Maker has fiscal sponsorship through the wonderful folks at Springboard for the Arts. We can receive tax deductible gifts through them, and you can donate electronically through our project page on GiveMN.

On November 16th, GiveMN sponsors a “Give to the Max” fund-raising drive for charities all across Minnesota. On Tuesday, Springboard is reducing fees for donations received through Give MN. As an extra bonus, every hour one random donor to GiveMN will get a bonus $1000 added to the first donation they made that hour. So feel free to donate to us at the top of every hour starting at midnight!

TCMaker Dec 2009 Meeting

If you’re pondering giving to Twin Cities Maker before the end of the year, Tuesday will get us the most bang out of your tax deductible electronic buck. We can always take non-cash and cash donations, but Give to the Max happens once a year. If you’ve got a maker who’s particularly hard to buy a holiday gift for, a donation in their name might be just what they were hoping for.

Membership dues cover our basic operational costs, and previous generous donations have gotten us so far so fast. Help us keep our gears spinning! Your generosity will help to buy tools, improve the space, and offer even greater services to the maker community in the Twin Cities.

TCMaker Clothes lines racer 2010 Updates & Reg

November 12th, 2010 by videoman

Clothesline Race

It’s fast approaching, and wow did we get some prizes. Make has generously donated several swanky prizes as have Bill Gurstelle and a few members. We’ve also raided our swag supplies, and as an incentive, the first 15 people to register a racer will get a t-shirt, or a back issue of Make Magazine, (their choice) and the first 6 folks will get a bonus surprise on top of that. Winners in each category will get a prize from the “big box of better prizes” the value of which start off at $25 and go up to almost $100 retail.

Full rules and info can be found on our prior post, several of last years contestants got a working (OK, “mostly” working) racer up in just a few hours of work, so you’ve still got plenty of time to build a racer and register.

Entry fee is $10 per racer, each person can field as many racers as they like, but they only get one registration goodie total, although they might be able to swing prizes in different categories.

If by some fluke everyone’s racer is whisper quiet, or none of them fail impressively the judges may choose to not award one or more of the vanity prizes, but we’d sure like to.

Clothesline Race

If you really don’t have time to make a racer, you’re still welcome to come to the event, as are friends and family. We’re aiming for pot luck, so unless you want soda from the fridge or chips from the vending machine, something to share would be appreciated, but isn’t at all mandatory.

Visit http://tcmaker-clr.eventbrite.com/ to register either as a racer or just a general viewer.

Bootstrapping Your Arduino Abilities

August 9th, 2010 by videoman

Adam Wolf will be teaching “Bootstrapping your Arduino Abilities” on Thursday, August 26th, 6pm @ HackFactory. If you want to attend, please register via eventbrite http://tcmaker-arduino1.eventbrite.com/. Preregistration is required so we know the number of parts to order. Registration ends on August 18th, and is limited to 8 students.

An Arduino board/chip, and all materials are part of the class fee. We recommend that you have a computer or laptop that you can bring with to program as well.  If not we may have one to share, but it is recommended that you have your own.

Welding Class Posted

August 6th, 2010 by videoman

A welding class for August has been posted. Please register if you want to be a part of the class.


Make: Day at SMM – June 20th Noon-5pm

June 14th, 2010 by videoman

Science Museum of Minnesota Make: DayJust a reminder that Sunday June 20th is Make: Day at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  The fun starts at noon and goes until 5pm.

There are plenty of things that people will be doing this year on Make: Day and TC Makers are included!  We ask you to come visit, participate, and join us in doing cool things!  If you can, I would recommend registering early (651-221-9444), as the line at the door was long last year.

For the complete listing of events for the day, visit:

Also, as it’s fathers day, Dads get in free with this coupon.

Announcing Hack Factory Cabaret!

May 18th, 2010 by videoman

Ahhhh yeah!
Hack Factory Cabaret is a new monthly community event in the style of the Chaos Computer Club’s Lightning Talks and Noisebridge’s 5 Minutes Of Fame. Our first event will be this Thursday (May 20) from 7-9pm and will be FREE to all and FUN so bring your friends.

Preliminary line-up for this month:

  • The Space Phone Project
  • A Homebrew IDE controller
  • Homerbrew Beer Brewing
  • Building the MakerBot
  • The Star Tree
  • Urban Exploration
  • Bonsai!
  • Interstellar Pleasure Barge
  • Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning (ARHAB) with the University of Minnesota Ballooning Team
  • The Tiny Shanty
  • Update from the Dayton Hamvention
  • Hacking your automatic shower cleaner

Come early to meet the Hack Factory crew!

Hack Factory Five Minutes of Fame!

May 10th, 2010 by videoman

Hack Factory Five Minutes of Fame
We are going try out something new this month! It’s called Hack Factory Five Minutes of Fame! This will be held on May 20, from 7-9pm. This is like Ignite, but without the crazy sponsors and marketing folks! Anyone can submit on any topic they want to present on (Hacking street lamps, eating with a spork, Spock Sunset Pie, your newest Arduino code, how to make a better piece of toast, etc.). We will be screening the talks, but all topics are encouraged! This is your chance to get some fame, and potentially get other people involved in your project!

To submit this month send an email with the format below to me dave at drstrangelove dot net. As we get more formal this may change, but myself and Matt Mackall will be screening these topics. We aim to have 10-12 talks lined up for this fun filled night!

Hack Factory FMoF Application (Copy and paste into an email)

Name or Handle:
Bio (optional):
Outline or Complete set of slides (one or the other is required) – (PDF/Powerpoint/Keynote/OpenOffice/Etc.)

Defcon 612 Group-Homemade Video Games using Arduino!

May 8th, 2010 by videoman

Defcon Groups

This month Michael Krumpus will be presenting on making homemade video games using an Arduino and a few other simple components at DC612- check out their site and register for the event at Elsie’s!




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