1/25/12 Open Hack Night and Handmade Music Minneapolis Pictures

January 26th, 2012 by Paul Sobczak

A collection of some of the happenings of the Open Hack at 1/25/12 @ the Hack Factory in Minneapolis. Every Wednesday is open to the public, 7 – ~11pm. Bring project to show, work on your projects, talk about robots or moon shovels…

And pictures from the latest Handmade Music: Minneapolis Introduction to Pure Data

Minnesota 2020: Inside The Maker Movement

January 13th, 2012 by Paul Sobczak

Part I and II are now up from Minnesota 2020.

Links to the full articles here and here.

Art Shanties On Medicine Lake, Plymouth, Minnesota

January 13th, 2012 by Paul Sobczak

The monsters under the bed shanty That has been coming together at the Hack Factory is in the process of putting it’s self together, check out the progress at their blog.

Open January 14 – February 5, 2012
10am – 5pm weekends (plus MLK Day, Jan 16th)
On Medicine Lake, Plymouth, Minnesota

Some things to remember:
Wear boots and long johns!
It can often be slushy and wet on the ice, and the Shanties are a little bit of a walk from shore so please wear appropriate footwear! You will be much more comfortable.
Also remember that any wind at all has nothing to slow it down on a frozen expanse of ice so it is often colder on Medicine Lake than it is in other parts of town. Dress warmer than you think you might have to, layering is best!

Art Shanty Projects is a four-week exhibition that is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state’s lakes in winter. It is an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which the relatively unregulated public space of the frozen lake can be used as a new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be.

Photo by Felix Strates

1/11/12 Open Hack Night in Retrospect

January 12th, 2012 by Paul Sobczak

Pictures from 1/11/12 Open Hack Night, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Earth.

Between now and next Open Hack Night
Jan 12th DC612 has a meeting
Jan 14 Welding Class – Fun With Metal
Jan 14 Art Shanty open to to public on Medicine Lake.
Jan 16 PyStar Hack Night (EHack Night)
Jan 17 Monthly CAD meeting

Handmade Music: Minneapolis Pure Data Workshop

January 9th, 2012 by Paul Sobczak

Handmade Music: Minneapolis Pure Data Workshop

Pd (aka Pure Data) wikipedia is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing. It is the third major branch of the family of patcher programming languages known as Max (Max/FTS, ISPW Max, Max/MSP, jMax, etc.) originally developed by Miller Puckette and company at IRCAM. The core of Pd is written and maintained by Miller Puckette and includes the work of many developers, making the whole package very much a community effort.

Download Pure Data for free and bring your computer.

Free, open to the public, bring your computer
January 21st• 7pm – 9pm
Hack Factory
3119 East 26th Street

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