Open Hack June 29th

June 30th, 2011 by Paul Sobczak

If you’re on the blog you can see that we exceeded our member goal for June by 13 members! That is really great news for Twin Cities Maker! Thanks to all the members that have decided Twin Cities Maker is worth their time an effort.

We are currently at 83 members including the three that joined up on the 29th. Because some members get the $25 dollar rate for being a student or unemployed and the associated fees from paypal, the funds from membership are not as simple as 83×50, but we are getting really close to being in the black. We need about 85 to 90 members each month to be there, and it seems we are well on our way.

So again, welcome new members, we are glad you’re here.

4 Responses to “Open Hack June 29th”

  1. wammie Says:

    Paul, the image on this post is not appearing for me in IE or Firefox.

  2. themountainfold Says:

    Looks like something happened when you corrected my english, not sure but it’s up again.

  3. wammie Says:

    No, it was not working even before I logged into WordPress. All I did for the post was add one missing word, as I recall.

  4. themountainfold Says:

    I looked at the revisions and something happened during one of the revisions, I think it was some weird error, no problem, it’s fixed.

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