Just another manic Sunday

February 7th, 2011 by Orkraider

Lots going on at the Hack Factory on a Sunday!
Click through for a roundup, and here’s a taste:
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I spent some time working on a non-electronic christmas light display. I’m hoping to get it working with only mechanical and electrical parts, no microprocessors or LEDs or nothing. The lights lit, but my contacts need a new approach before it’ll work right.

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One member rescued a Hello Kitty lamp that was languishing. I was captivated by how it looked after she started working on it. Very eye catching steampunk goodness.

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Another was working on some stained glass pieces. He’s only at the beginning of this project, but it already looks sweet.

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Sparkfun came by, and showed me a lampshade he was going to be repairing. He said when he made it, it was a quick project, but I was impressed, and want one myself. (hint hint)

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For the first time ever, I started and finished a project in one day. Usually, the things I work on have an inherent crudeness that reflects my skill level. For once, it was instead a deliberate design feature. You’ll be seeing another picture of this once it’s situated in it’s real home:

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There was a lot of other stuff going on, and quite a few people in and out of the space. Videoman came in and did a makeup welding class for those who missed in on Saturday. There was a wee bit of a bonfire where absolutely no mdf was burned at any time.

All in all, a fun and entertaining day. If you haven’t come to the HackFactory, you should.

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