Hack Factory Tour 2011

February 3rd, 2011 by videoman

Holly cow, The Hack Factory has been open a year now, and we got tons of new people exploring the space, and lots of really cool things going on!

So we decided to make a new Tour of our space..

Hack Factory Tour 2011 from David Bryan on Vimeo.

A tour of the Hack Factory in Minneapolis.

Music by Imogen Heap.

6 Responses to “Hack Factory Tour 2011”

  1. themountainfold Says:

    thanks, this is awesome.

  2. pyrodogg Says:

    Nice! Thanks for the tour. I’m assuming this was a Wednesday night? It’s looking pretty busy.

  3. otto_pjm Says:

    Excellent, glad you caught the MAME cabinet too, thanks for posting this.

  4. jb Says:

    Were there really people hanging out in the “lounge”?

  5. themountainfold Says:

    Actually, Pete was down there soldering, but we weren’t expecting as Jon and I went there to pose like people were going to be there. So yea we wern’t expecting it either.

    Do you notice that I am working on a tcmaker classic, the corrugated plastic box.

  6. Twin Cities Maker » Blog Archive » Roundabout Dog Challenge Update Says:

    […] Announcing the wall: This lonely, soon to be covered wall, is going to be the home of the framed roundabout dog challenge winner. It’s in the basement of the Hack Factory, you can get a better idea of where it is by watching a recent video made of the place. […]

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