First third Friday electronics night

February 14th, 2011 by uptownmaker

Electronic whiz-bangs

I tried this once before (on Saturdays) and it didn’t really take, but this Friday night I’m going to set up shop for a couple of hours at the Hack Factory to answer questions and tinker with electronics.

I’ll be there from about 7:30 to about 10:00. This time, there’s no focus and no organization- whatever you want to talk about I’ll try and answer. In the future, though, I expect that we (there are some people who have expressed an interest in becoming “regulars” at such an event) will pick a project and devote some time to that project.

This event is free for members; we ask a $5 donation from any non-members who wish to attend.

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  1. themountainfold Says:

    no focus and no organization…. and no picture!



  2. otto_pjm Says:

    Sounds cool, wondering if this would be a good discussion topic, how to cheaply control this display? Seems like it would be a cool badge, maybe we could logoize ourselves for MakerFaire?
    I looked at the data sheet, and still don’t understand how I’d make it go.

  3. Twin Cities Maker » Blog Archive » Open Hack Night 2/16/11 Says:

    […] going on in the way of classes and talks at the Factory Woodworking class starting May 21, 2011. First third Friday electronics night Intro To Arduino (full) Roundabout Dog Challengee ending on February 23rd HandMade Music: […]

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