New Recruit Bounty and Dues Announcement

October 27th, 2010 by orion

We are pleased to announce a new membership bounty.  Long story short, if you, an existing member, bring in a new body and they become a dues paying member, you can earn up to a free month’s membership.

The skinny on new recruits.  If you’ve been a member for over a month, a new member can mention your name when they join as their referrer.  You will then gain a discount of 10% of their dues as a discount off your next month’s membership, and this will continue for up to 10 months from their join date, if they remain a dues paying member.  If you bring in enough new blood, you can conceivably earn ongoing free membership.  (No, you can’t get cash back, but we might name a lathe after you.)

We’re also formally announcing a slightly revised dues schedule.  We’ve been running a student and unemployed discount for a few months, but had neglected to formally announce them.  Registered students and folks on unemployment can get a membership for $25 per month (with the usual space deposit).  Members can also sponsor a guest for $10 for a 48 hour pass.

Details for all of this are spelled out in our shiny updated “Dues schedule

If you haven’t been by the space in a while, you should pop in for a Wednesday Open House, take a gander at some of the CNC toys, the welding shop and wood shop that are all available for member use (some training required for certain tools)

Ubuntu 10.10 Release Party

October 22nd, 2010 by mcsteve

On Saturday, 10/23, there will be a release party and installfest to celebrate the release of Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat), the newest version of Canonical’s free Linux-based operating system. This event will be held at the Hack Factory, starting at 5:00 PM.

Bring a computer and we’ll help you upgrade or install Ubuntu. There will also be computers available to try Ubuntu on if you haven’t seen it yet.

Wireless and wired internet access is available. Ubuntu installation CDs will be provided to anyone who wants one.

Clothesline Race-O-Rama MK2: Sat., Nov. 20, 2010

October 20th, 2010 by wammie

Twin Cities Maker will be hosting our second annual aerial variant on those little wooden derby cars at the Hack Factory on Saturday, November 20th at 1 pm, an event which we’re dubbing:


You will build a racer, attach it to the cable in the shop, and have it race to the finish and back to the start on its own power. Fabulous prizes will be awarded in various categories. We had a potluck for our Alpha and MK1 races; we’ll stick with that tried and true formula. Autumnal jollity will be had by all.

*** UPDATE ***

Make Magazine has generously offered to sponsor this event with some pretty swanky prizes, and Bill Gurstelle has donated an autographed book as well. We anticipate a nice participation goodie for everyone who fields a racer, and we’re not talking about something from the shop’s junk bin. More details on prizes in the reminder post in a week or so!

Guests are more than welcome to come see machines fail in humorous ways. Prizes will be based in part on the number of racers, but there’ll be buckets of Make swag, other goodies yet to be determined, and at least a month’s free membership to TC Maker if we get 10 racers. Odds are that everyone will get something swanky.

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TC Maker Gets Springboard for the Arts Sponsorship

October 4th, 2010 by orion

It is with great pleasure that the board of Twin Cities Maker would like to announce that we have received fiscal sponsorship under Springboard for the Arts. This means that we can now receive tax deductible gifts. This saves us hundreds of dollars and months of time in being able to apply for many grants and for you (and your friends) to get a tax write-off by giving us things. You can give cash via GiveMN online, or by check to Springboard for the Arts with “Twin Cities Maker” in the memo line. Any cash donations have a small handling fee attached, which is more than offset by the savings from sponsorship. In kind donations (labor, tools, supplies) can also be written off, (without any overhead for us), however due to the plethora of small items in the shop that have yet to be sorted, we’re only accepting hand tools and large tools at this time, unless it’s for a specific project.

To make an online donation, click the image below for our GiveMN page: