Cut, Turn, and Burn – Ideas to 3D objects, Sat. Oct. 16th

September 30th, 2010 by otto_pjm

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A Class Featuring 3D Printing on the MakerBot, CNC Routing, CNC Lathe turning, and possibly Laser etching will be held on Saturday October 16th from 1-4 PM at the Hack Factory.

Please Register on Eventbrite so we can plan accordingly.

Bring your ideas, CAD files, pictures, and questions. The class is open to everyone. For non-members, a donation of $5 to cover materials is suggested. We will strive to make the class relevant to the interests of those present. The class will include an overview of basic creation of g-code files, (The instructions that the CNC systems understand) by various means in the classroom, and demonstrations of how the various systems interpret the g-code to produce objects.

The intention is to keep things as interactive and hands-on as possible, if you have electronic media with your ideas, pictures, cad files please bring them. If you have CAD software (anything that can produce a dxf file), Vector Graphics Software (Illustrator, Inkscape) or 3D Design software (anything that can produce an stl file) on a laptop bring it along.

We’ll do our best to get your ideas into your hands, please be aware that the materials, tools, tooling, and time available may not allow us to produce all items.

[Update] Pyrodogg, took some great pictures during the session, check the TC Maker flicker group for more.


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  1. John Baichtal Says:

    Thanks for doing this! There’s a minuscule chance I can attend.

  2. Build Thread CNC Testbed to router and beyond conversion - Largest Machinist Community on the net! Says:

    […] which is where this machine lives. If you are interested there's more information on the HackFactory Blog. […]

  3. Pete McKenna Says:

    Per the discussion in this session. Here are some links that might be useful.

    Machine Control Software.

    The Windows 2D and 3D CAM software I gave some examples with comes from Vectric

    An excellent resource about all things CNC is CNCzone

    If you have question, feel free to comment.


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