Hack Factory Cabaret tonight at 7pm!

June 22nd, 2010 by mpm

Ahhhh yeah!

The second Hack Factory Cabaret is tonight from 7-9pm at the Hack Factory (map)! This is a series of quick 5 minute talks on various maker/hacker topics and will be FREE to all and FUN so bring your friends. Tonight’s presentations may include:

  • Make Day wrap-up
  • Intro to Microcontrollers
  • Building the Milk Jug Boat
  • Giant Connect Four
  • The Memory Hallway
  • Acute Electronics
  • The Science of Influence
  • Embedded/OpenWRT hacking
  • An Extreme Fire Prop

Come early to meet the Hack Factory crew!

3 Responses to “Hack Factory Cabaret tonight at 7pm!”

  1. noise Says:

    Any chance of a ustream tonight?

  2. wammie Says:

    Likely I won’t be abe to be there at all, unless perhaps after 8:30 if the stars line up.

  3. noise Says:

    That was fun, thanks!

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