MakerBot drawing tonight

March 31st, 2010 by uptownmaker

The drawing will be tonight, at 8pm CDT.  It will be streamed over Ustream.  View the channel using he address A notice will be posted on the TCMaker twitter account when the channel is open.

EDIT:  The winning ticket number is 364!  Note that we started our ticket numbering at 100, instead of 0, to make a dice roll easier to interpret (4-sided dice are numbered 1-4, not 0-3.  It’s almost like they weren’t designed by someone who starts counting at 0!).  We ended up using to generate a truly random number.

Thanks to all the participants, and congratulations to our winner!

Automatic Dues Payments

March 31st, 2010 by Paul Sobczak

For those of you that would like to automate their membership payments you can now do so using Paypal’s subscription option below.

Intro to Electronics class

March 27th, 2010 by uptownmaker

I’ll be offering an introductory electronics class on 17 April at the Hack Factory.

This will be a basic class, covering amps, volts, ohms, watts, and the relationship among them.  Also covered (briefly) will be batteries and switches, and then we’ll get into some exercises intended to demonstrate concepts and get you familiar with using a multimeter.

Please register at least four days in advance of the class with Eventbrite. I will need to know how many people plan to attend in advance so I can plan for how many parts kits to assemble.  The parts kit will contain all the bits and pieces needed for this class, as well as a breadboard and multimeter, some wire, and a wire stripper.  It will also include some parts useful for other projects and parts that may will be helpful in other upcoming classes I plan to teach.

MakerBot drawing closed

March 24th, 2010 by uptownmaker

Due to what can only be termed overwhelming demand, we are closing the ticket sales for the MakerBot drawing.

Unfortunately, logistics are precluding us from arranging payment with all of you wonderful folks who have e-mailed or otherwise offered to buy tickets via non-PayPal methods.  We actually went a bit beyond the originally planned 300 tickets (~340), but shipping is going to be fairly pricey, and we plan to buy some plastic for both our machine and the winner’s machine to jumpstart the process.

Look for an e-mail in the upcoming days verifying the number of tickets we have you down for.  The drawing will be next Wednesday night at the Hack Factory- as is our standard practice we’ll have a Ustream feed set up for it so the whole world can watch.

Thanks to all who participated- this has been an outstanding experience for us and a wonderful reflection of the support the Maker community has for its own.  If you have any questions or concerns,  please send us e-mail at twincitiesmaker at gmail.

Cease using PayPal for raffle

March 24th, 2010 by uptownmaker

Per PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy, we can’t sell raffle tickets through their service.

Please cease using PayPal as a payment method for raffle tickets; PayPal can, of course, still be used for paying your monthly dues or making regular donations to TCMaker.

We’ll be selling tickets at tonight’s meeting; people out of town can e-mail us at twincitiesmaker[-at-] and we’ll figure out a way to facilitate a distant payment for your tickets.

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