Tim Kasier Video/Audio and Ugly Necklace

February 27th, 2010 by videoman

Tim Kasier’s video and audio performance from the Minne-Faire has been uploaded:

Tim Kasier’s Performance at the Hack Factory. from David Bryan.

One of the members, Paul, who runs Canada Goose Records also recorded the show and has released it on his little lable, there will be a short physical release of 10 copies watch Tim Kasier’s website for more information on that.


Kristin Boehm finished putting the final touches on the ugly necklace that people at the Minne-Faire helped imagine. It will be submitted to the 2010 Land of Odds Ugly Necklace Contest. Kristin, if you missed her at the Faire is  a local umbrella guerrilla knitter and maker of felts.

Classes and Website Updates

February 22nd, 2010 by videoman

Just wanted to post some info on some of the changes that we have made to the main TCMaker.org site.  We have a place for upcoming classes, a calendar for events at the space, and a place to track donations for things that we need at the Hack Factory.

FYI: The Welding class is now full.  Please add your name to the waiting list for next time.  Thanks!

You too could make a cool metal sculpture.

If you want to participate in any of the classes please feel free to register as they become available. We also need folks to teach classes. For more info, to suggest a class, or to teach a class please email twincitiesmaker@gmail.com.

As always, this is a space for you, and if you want to see it thrive we need your support. Membership, or a onetime donation will help to keep the TC Maker/Hack Factory going. This space is huge, and we all want to get some nice wood/metal working tools in place.  We also want to setup a electronics labs, and sewing areas too.   The only way for us to afford some of these nice things is to get our membership numbers up, and get people donating things!  So please check out our links on the top bar.


February 14th, 2010 by wammie

Yesterday’s Minne-Faire at the Hack Factory in Minneapolis was an outstanding success!

We showcased 16 different exhibitors and attracted hundreds of visitors.

Twin Cities Maker would like to thank everyone involved who put their time, talents, and energy into making this event such a grand success.

To our exhibitors: Thank you for making, sharing, and helping us learn!

To our sponsors: Thank you for supporting us financially and helping to make this event possible.

To our members, visitors, community, and maker friends everywhere: Thank you for your spirited encouragement and interest in the TC Maker organization. We hope to see you frequently in the future as members, attendees at our open events, or contacts in the cyber world.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Be sure to visit our Flickr location to see Minne-Faire photos.

Update: If you missed it, Tim Kaiser’s performance has been archived and is available to stream and download over at Canada Goose Records.

Very humbly yours,

Twin Cities Makers

Handmade Music Minneapolis #1

February 14th, 2010 by noise

The first handmade music is coming up on the 25th @ the Hack Factory. The itinerary is being worked on currently as more info becomes available we will be posting it here.

Sneak peak: we have procured a sound system and are planning on having a little performance at the end of night, and lots of people at Saturday’s minne-faire have shown interest in the event, it should be fun.

We are exploring some ideas for the first time around, so please if you have some ideas or thoughts worth sharing about handmade music or perhaps you have been to an similar event and know what works, please share. You can comment on this post or email myself at sobczak.paul at Gmail or Pat if he wants to post his email.

Hi, this is Pat.  Feel free to email me at lifeisnoise at gmail or post on the forums or tcmaker google group.

More on Handmade Music over at Noisepages

First Update:

I’m thinking a fun project we could do is 555 “throwies” that I’ve been working on.  It’s an idea that is still in development (I built one prototype which I gave away), so it could be fun.  I’ll try to build one and post a pic later today.
Wayne (wammie) also has some speech synthesis chips that could be fun to play with.

We are looking for 2 acts to perform each set will be 30 minutes long, but we would like the artists to walk us through exactly what they brought to the stage, nobody is currently booked so if you are interested let us know.

February 18 update:

People have been wondering what this even is really all about, to get to the bottom of it I offer the following justification.

Handmade Music: Minneapolis is trying to cultivate a DIY music scene in Minneapolis, by having these open nights at the Hack Factory for people who make sonic machines to socialize and share ideas. (Note: This is basically the same goal as TC Maker has but just narrowed down to musics.)

Wayne will be bringing 2 or possibly three of the SN76477 chips to the event.

Talking to him last night about the chip, he had these up and running about 15 years ago so there is no telling if they still work but it should be fun to try. There are a few suggestions on the data sheet of setups to try, see the suggested setups from the data sheet:

The mothership connection again from the data sheet has the following setup:

I think we will try to set up one of the first ones. And possibly someone will wire up the mothership connection and bring it to a future event. If in the mean time you at home are interested in messing around with this chip there is a newer version of it here.

There has been some interest in performance but nobody has jumped forward as of yet so if you are interested let us know. There will be no compensation this time around as we are not charging for the event at all, that said, if you have been looking for a venue to show off what you have been working on this might be it, read it doesn’t have to be a finely tuned, a bit of sonic tom-foolery is welcome.

Also If you are currently working on or with with any of the following things:

  • DIY Analog/Digital Synths
  • Max/Msp
  • SuperCollider
  • Pd
  • Arduino
  • Circuit Bending
  • Instrument building ect…

We are looking to find people to teach classes at The Hack Factory if you are interested and have some ideas of things you would like to do in the future let us know and we start to set it up.

For those new to The Hack Factory we do have some things if you want to build a kit or do a bit of trouble shooting during the night, We have a few soldering irons and 1 (1/2) oscilloscopes, a dc power supply and a few other things so you can bring pretty much anything to put together. We don’t have any electrical components yet so if you have some that you would like to donate that would be great.

Maker Minne-Faire Update! Feb. 13, 2010@Hack Factory

February 12th, 2010 by videoman

Just a reminder, and in case you didn’t know about it, we’re doing a Maker Minne-Faire at the Hack Factory on February 13th, 2010 from 2 PM – 11 PM.

We have a really good line up of makers and will have a music performance by Tim Kaiser starting after 8pm. Tim does some really cool ambient music and makes all of his instruments. Another published and active maker, William Gurstelle is going to be demoing some of the projects that he has created for Make: Magazine.

This event is free for all and kids are welcome! We will however be accepting donations and memberships to help our cause.

TC Maker is a not for profit with non-profit (5013c) paper work underway. Our goal is to provide services for local makers, and enrich both the community and people by proving a space for people to play, make, and share ideas.

There will also be upcoming classes for things like Arduino, welding (MIG/GMAW), wood working, etc.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Here is a video from a visit to Tim Kaiser’s workshop up in Duluth via Make: TV; William Gurstelle is part of the Make: TV crew.

-David (Aka, VideoMan)

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