First Meet-up At Hack Factory 12/30 7pm (Come pay your dues!)

December 29th, 2009 by noise

Let’s have our meet-up at the new space this Wednesday.  It will just be a casual get together, no business, but everyone should try to stop by and pay your dues so we make sure to have rent for the first month.

Make sure to bring all the cool toys you scored for Christmas, or anything you made over the break.

See you there: 3119 East 26th St.



December 17th, 2009 by noise

It’s official! Twin Cities Maker will partner with Hack Factory of Minnesota to share a maker space. The members meeting resulted in a unanimous vote to merge with Hack Factory. The new space is located at 3119 East 26th St. in Minneapolis.

Starting January 1st, monthly dues will be $50. Membership will include access to the space and other benefits to be determined.

Full details on partnership structure, membership responsibilities and opportunities, etc. will be resolved going ahead. We’ll announce further information as we have it. Both the Twin Cities Maker and Hack Factory names will be retained in some regard.

Business Meeting Tonight, 7pm

December 16th, 2009 by noise

This month the business meeting will be held at 3119 East 26th St. in Minneapolis. This will be the location of our new space once we officially merge with Hack Factory. Details will be discussed at the meeting. Please be prepared to pay dues (cash or check).

To enter the space go through the chain link gate on right side of the building and enter the first door on that side of the building.  There should be some signs in place to help. Here is a link to the street view of the building, you can see the yellow door on the side of the building just past the gate (right side of the image): Street View.

Bring your own chair (or bean bag or pillow or whatever you feel like sitting on) or you may be sitting on the cold concrete.

Tentative Agenda

  • Introduce Hack Factory to TC Maker
  • Vote on merger with Hack Factory
  • Brainstorm about the future


December 9th, 2009 by wammie

Our organization was recently approached by Hack Factory of Minnesota (HFM). They have expressed a strong interest in joining forces with Twin Cities Maker (TC Maker) to realize our common goal of a local, affordable, member-supported workshop. After an introductory meeting between our board and several of their members, both groups feel that working together is in both groups’ best interest, and support this as a goal we can accomplish in reasonably short order. Members of our board are working with them and other appropriate resources to formulate a plan that retains the intents of both groups in a legal format. Because there is a lot to work out, we have postponed our General Membership Meeting for December by one week, to the 16th at 7 PM.

HFM is intending to sign a lease next week, and barring any complications, we would like to hold our General Membership Meeting in their new space. Because this may be a pivotal meeting for TC Maker, we encourage all current dues paying members and interested folks who aren’t current members to attend next week’s meeting. Details are still very fluid, but the Board of Governors intends to present a plan and ballot vote to partner with HFM. Rest assured, prior agreements in terms of dues for both groups and the majority of structure of TC Maker are intended to be retained.

To help us plan for the meeting, if you plan to attend, please shoot off a quick email to twincitiesmaker(-at-) stating your intent, and we’ll get you the address in a confirmation email once the lease has been signed. Please plan to bring along a folding chair, as it’ll be an empty space.

This message is being presented simultaneously via our blog, wiki, forum, and email as we feel it’s important that all of our community be aware of it.

We wish you a happy and safe winter season and hope to see you on December 16th!

Respectfully Yours,

Twin Cities Maker Board of Governors

TC Maker meets MN Hackfactory

December 7th, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

I’m writing this from afar so feel free to chime in if anything is incorrect but this is what I have gathered.

MN Hackfactory is a group much like Twin Cities Maker, and they have been operating independently of TCMaker with the same goal.


It appears that both groups are getting closer to that, as a really nice place has been presented by the people at MN Hackfactory and both groups went on a tour of the place.

Picture from the door.  The office space which comes with the $700 option is off to the left, with the windows.  There are outlets all along the wall on the right, every 10 feet or so.

More pictures and more info on the forum post.

The rent is pretty cheap about 700 a month depending, and there is room for expansion. The two groups have started to merge ideas and there is talk of merging the two groups together but nothing concrete on that just yet. It’s safe to say that everybody is really excited and hoping that this works out.

Maker Bot Visit

December 3rd, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

IMG_0269As I posted awhile ago, I got the chance to visit Maker Bot Industries as one of my good friends (Mr. Sharpe, the guy in the background with the beard in the photo above) started helping out Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer, and Zach Smith (the owners) with various things. Maker Bot is the mother company responsible for the first affordable 3D printer kits, The Cupcake CNC, which are currently for sale over at their website for about $750. The unit is a spin off of the great open source Rep Rap Project.


While there I helped build some kits that were being prepared to ship out in a week or so, each cup was filled with different components that are a part of the over all Cupcake CNC kit. So if you recently received your shipment there is a chance that I was responsible for cutting that little piece of Nichrome wire used to regulate the temperature of the plastic extruder.


One of the cool things about maker bot is that they encourage you to build more maker bots and the ultimate goal of all 3d printers in the future is to be able to self replicate. On that note it’s not that far off either, 3D printers can now print in metals, and printing companys as well as hobbyists are working on printable circuits. Above is a pulley that the Cupcake CNC is printing for another Cupcake CNC.


One of the larger prints, the Statue of Liberty, on a side note: There are 3 one in new york one in Paris France and one in the Luxembourg gardens.IMG_0270

This is the machine responsible for the Statue of Liberty print.


Mr. Petis also put up some glowing orbs while I was there.


and here he is looking smug after putting up the lighting, and myself here in mid-shrug, (nice electrical chord Bre). Finally to answer that little voice in your head yes! you can print dodecahedrons.