TC Maker Resolves to Build Rapid Prototyper

July 23rd, 2009 by wammie

At this week’s business meeting, Twin Cities Maker members decided to work together to create a rapid prototyping machine, inspired by the famous RepRap!

We plan to start with the basic specs of the RepRap, but probably expand on the idea to make a sturdier, more versatile machine.

As our group is still collecting funds for a space, we’re looking for people to donate time and spare materials to build this baby! Please join our forum discussion to participate or watch the development!

Art Car/Bike/Boat Parade this Saturday, Lake Harriet

July 21st, 2009 by uptownmaker

art car logo
This year, the annual circum-lake art car parade is “cancelled” because they were unable to afford a parade permit.

HOWEVER, this Saturday, an art car cruise around Lake Harriet will be taking place, followed by music at the Bandshell.

For more info, visit their website, and if you can make it on Saturday, show up to support some very cool folks who’ve made some very cool things!

Business Meeting Wed 22 July, 7 p.m.

July 20th, 2009 by uptownmaker


This time, at Common Roots in the back room.


  • Meeting frequency
  • Maker Faire progress
  • New Secretary
  • Potluck
  • Clothesline races
  • AOB

Any and all welcome!

A TC Maker’s Sea Cow Brings Smiles at Milk Carton Boat Races

July 19th, 2009 by wammie

Today at Lake Calhoun “Bessie the Sea Cow” left a wake of giddy smiles at the famous Minneapolis Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Races.

Bessie was built by a Twin Cities Maker (“Judeling” on the forum) over a three week period in his spare time. She was a marvelously unique creature with kick paddle propulsion and a long tail for steering. Her body was sculpted from chicken wire and covered with scalloped scales cut from white one gallon milk cartons.

Though Bessie finished last in her race, moving at a Sea Cow’s pace, she did complete the course! During her run she ran into a mass of weeds, bringing her to a prolonged standstill. She overcame her grazing temptations though and paddled on to greatness.

Alas, Bessie met her end in the belly of a larger beast, a city garbage truck. She was decapitated before her demise, however, and her memories live on!

See more photos of the Milk Carton Boat Races at the Aquatennial’s Photo Gallery and read more about the Bessie project in our forum post.

Art of Sound Contest at

July 17th, 2009 by wammie

The Art of Sound Contest submission period continues until July 26 over at! If you’ve got an original sound-related project to share, there are only a few more days left to submit your instructable. Beware, the competition is “audacious!”

This contest is open to any project that creates something beautiful with or around sound. Whether you’re into homemade/modified instruments, circuit-bending, speakers, sound activation, or anything else, this contest is for you. Simply create, modify, actuate, craft, decorate, enhance, display, amplify, or visualize sound, and tell us how and why you did it. It can be your take on a classic project, or something entirely new and unique – it’s up to you!

Now show us your original instrument, your tricked-out subwoofer, or your sound-responsive wall of LEDs! Be thorough, and document your project well so others can follow in your footsteps. Share your skills and experience to help inspire others, expand the possibilities of both sound and art, and win some fabulous prizes!

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