Resistive Troll

May 25th, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

Resistor Troll

My latest creation the “Resistive Troll”. Allthough that might not actually be the case becasue all of the resitors are in parallel so the actual resistace is really small. None the less, Twin Cities Maker has their first mini mascot. Isn’t it cute?

2 Responses to “Resistive Troll”

  1. wammie Says:

    What a cutie! I gotta get one to sit on my workbench!

  2. dinscurge Says:

    actually its fairly resistive especially if they are all the same resistor as the wattage would be increased so what they could resist would probably be resisted at over 3 mabey 4 watts, where in series they would just burn up.
    also it does look pretty cool just missing some blinking lights or something.. mabey make it look like frankenstien with a few caps/transistors sticking out of its head..

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