San Francisco Noise Bridge Visit

January 26th, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

This was the first maker shop that I visited, and it was awesome. The people there are all great and I was lucky enough to visit the place twice while I was staying in San Francisco. On the first visit I attended a lecture on machine learning, the politically correct term for artificial intelligence. The lecture was great and some really cool things were presented like clustering, semi autonomous vehicles, and helicopters flying upside down.

noise bridge

The second time I visited I interview John for a radio documentary on maker shops I am working on and he let me know a bunch of really cool things about how everything is set up, the non-profit status, and the community behind it.

Things talked about while on my visit to Noise Bridge:

Podcasting, Bookbinding, Origami, Nims, Max/Msp, Arduino, Ham Radio, Record Stores, Field Recorders, Piezos,…ect

Tool/Wood shop

Entrance, with logo!

The all important kitchen

Electronics area upstairs

Noise bridge is a “hackerspace” and can be found on the web here

Getting Started

January 14th, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

The initial showing of hands has been a lot more than expected here at Twin Cities Maker, which is great. In 3 days time we have over 60 members in the forum section, and 120 posts. Perhaps what is more significant is the fact that everybody really wants to see this happen.

We will be looking at setting up an initial meeting in the near future to gauge what type of maker space we all would like to see. More information on that as it comes out.

Further several members have notified us of some different groups in the area that are after, or are in some regard searching out the same goal of a maker shop. So far I have learned about: a group of people that have already been meeting online and have investigated several possible spaces in the area. community-driven art, craft & technology center for the 21st Century. The center is getting off the ground as an adult program of Leonardo’s Basement.

Leonardo’s Basement: an educational organization for children and their families, formed 10 years ago.

Make: Television: Currently working at Twin Cities Public Television, they have started making the television version of Make magazine.

High Point: Similar to a maker shop with a print making focus, located in the twin cities.

MCBA: Minnesota Center for Book Arts, a workshop and exhibition hall for book related craft.

Any others you know of?

Posted on the Make: Blog

January 12th, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

Make: magazine

The kind people over at Make have posted a link to the site here. The full write up can be found here. If you are not familiar, Make is a subset of O’Riley Media, the people who publish tech related books with pictures of weird animals on the front. Make is a magazine published quarterly, and a newly started public television show. And, If you haven’t checked out the Make Blog I suggest you do so.

(Looking at the blog post over at Make I see they tagged it with the following “Culture jamming, Electronics, Events, Makers, hacks” … Culture Jamming? Well, maybe someone in the future will be in charge of that. )


January 6th, 2009 by Paul Sobczak

Welcome to the Twin Cities Maker Blog.

I will be using this blog to update you all on anything related to the maker shop.

As of right now the website is all up and running except for a few color changes but I am going to go ahead and launch the discussion here tonight January 6th 2009.

-Paul Sobczak